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Carolyn traveled from Taipei to Vancouver more than twenty years ago with her family. In the last fifteen years, Carolyn has successfully assisted hundreds of homeowners with purchasing and selling their properties. She has also helped secure tenants for owners of investment properties within Metropolitan Vancouver. During these years in one of Canada’s most populous cities, Carolyn has successfully and efficiently completed over 1,000 real estate transactions.

Carolyn is fluent in Mandarin and English, allowing her to serve a broad customer base. She is intimately acquainted with the unique cultural qualities of Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond. This skill assists her with uniting the right buyers with the right sellers to ensure the perfect real estate transaction. Carolyn understands the advantages and disadvantages of each listing and is an expert negotiator, ensuring each of her clients gets the best deal.

Through her professionalism and commitment to exceptional customer service, Carolyn has shown a track record of successfully helping her clients to realize their real estate or property management goals efficiently.

At present, Carolyn’s team operates under the umbrella of the brokerage called 1NE Collective Realty Inc. This brokerage is a member in good standing of the Canadian Real Estate of BC. In addition to conducting thousands of real estate transactions per year, this corporation can also assist with the following services:

  • Purchasing and Selling Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Property Management
  • Land Assembly and Development

There are various professional services involved in a transaction, the following professionals are also available to help you have a smooth transaction.

  • Mortgage/Loans
  • Tax consultation 
  • Inspections
  • Renovation

Carolyn Chen offers one-stop shopping for all your Vancouver real estate and property needs!


Why Carolyn?

Kind and patient

From her interest in the humanities during her education in Taiwan to the adoption of the multicultural spirit of downtown Vancouver, Carolyn Chen approaches all aspects of life with enthusiasm and drive. She is well renowned for her friendly nature; Carolyn sets her clients at ease with her attention to detail and warm personality. An excellent listener, Carolyn asks relevant questions to help her best understand her clients’ every need to help them achieve their goals. Carolyn Chen strives not just to be your real estate professional but also your friend.


Experienced and Understanding 

From her youth in Asia to her studies and flourishing career in North America, Carolyn brings a wide array of experiences to her clients. Carolyn is intimately acquainted with the life of an immigrant, and this knowledge has equipped her with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those arriving to Vancouver from other cultures and countries. Because of her diverse background, Carolyn is able to provide her clients with a comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages to each considered real estate property, helping each client to make the decision that is right for them and for their family.


Particular and Professional

Carolyn maintains excellent working relationships with elite professionals in many different industries. She has mastered all aspects of her profession, ensuring she is well versed in each requirement of real estate sales and property management contracts, procedures, and transactions. Her work is highly prized for its precise attention to detail. Because Carolyn is fluent in both Mandarin and English, she can help customers for whom English is not their native tongue, a great asset to those new to Canada. Carolyn is up to date on the latest housing and government information and can help her clients to make the best choices for their long-term goals.


Trustworthy and Conscientious

Carolyn’s natural warmth and friendly personality help her clients feel at ease with her at the helm. Whether working with one person or a family, Carolyn’s clients are so pleased with her service that they happily recommend her to their family and friends. Well regarded for her trustworthiness and honesty, Carolyn is not just a real estate professional; she is also a friend.

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